Most Common Questions For Any Interview

  1. Tell me about yourself?

We are 110% sure that this will come up first and the fun fact is that it’s the easiest to answer. Who doesn’t know about himself? We all do, right? The catch here is to string them properly, Start with the professional stuff, go with your name, from where you belong to, about your education, a little about your experience and move to personal stuff, like hobbies, family background, likes and dislikes. Please make sure there should be a match between what hobbies you say and the hobbies you have written in the resume. Also, the agenda of this communication is to test your communication skills.

  1. What’s your weakness?

Now, who will tell his/her weakness? It’s like digging your own grave, the catch here is to dig the grave and cover it back. Basically, state your weakness which has no relation to your job or you may state a weakness which sounds like a strength. For example, state that you are highly emotional with your work and this sometimes irritate people with a pragmatic approach. This will actually hit the interviewer that you will get the things done anyhow since you are emotional. You push your limits when in love, don’t you?

  1. What’s your strength?

A lot of things you can say on this but let’s hit the best one. Generally, organizations lack leaders, they have a talent in the form of executives but they need someone to monitor them. State about your strong work ethics and how this has helped you to lead a project or a fest (for freshers). This is certainly the bottom line of bottom lines, strong work ethics help you climb up the ladder.

  1. What is your salary expectation?

No, don’t state any number here, the HR person is no one to know about it. Dodge the question, state that let’s discuss the job role in more detail with my reporting manager, as of now I am looking for growth more than numbers but secretly keep an expected number with you.


Hope this will help you in cracking your next interview. Also, don’t forget to pray, it does work. All the best