Interview Tips Beyond Resume!

You have applied for a job; they liked your profile and have asked to come down for an interview. This means your resume has done its job, now it is for you to raise the bar and impress in-person. There are many do’s and don’ts for how to crack the second round, i.r personal interview, we have listed down the most important for you. Read them and do apply them.

  1. Research about the company and their products – Thoroughly go through the company’s profile, their products, download their app (if they have). The point is to know about the company as much as you could. This will come handy when the interviewer asks any trick question related to the organization.
  2. Prepare questions to ask them – An interview should not be one-way traffic. Take out time to prepare questions to ask. You may ask general questions like office hours, dress codes or you may ask questions related to your job profile. You will certainly appear confident if you start asking questions but remember not to do it too much.
  3. Dress Code – Look sharp, always and always look sharp. Wear formals or at least wear semi-formals. Be confident in them as it will reflect in your personality and indeed helpful in creating the first impression.
  4. Silence your phone – This comes under etiquettes. Before even you enter the office premises, put your phone on silence. Imagine you are in a good flow and suddenly your phone rings, not only this might irritate the interviewer, this will distract you and lower your confidence.
  5. Arrive Early – Arrive at most 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. This will boost your very first impression and will certainly show your seriousness towards the interview. Remember, punctuality impresses the most when you are going to meet someone new.
  6. Be honest about hobbies – Generally, candidates do not give much attention to the hobbies section and write whatever they think will impress the interviewer. The interviewer may or may not have the same hobby and might ask you an in-depth question about the same. It is highly advisable, to be honest with what you write under hobbies as this might dent your interview and thereby your chances of selection.