Interview Skills

10 Interview Tips to remember that will land you your dream job.

1. Dress Well: Be dressed appropriately to the position you are applying for – it could be formal or semi-formal. Ensure that your clothes are clean and neatly ironed, shoes are well-polished and hair is well-groomed. Avoid loud colors and flashy clothes/accessories. Preferably, wear a business suit. Wear a light deodorant/perfume. Ladies should wear light make-up and understated jewelery.

2. Be Punctual, in fact – reach before time, relax and gather your thoughts. Go to the washroom and check yourself in the mirror. Clean your hands and retouch your make-up and hair.

3. Review your Resume: Read through your resume especially old jobs and be prepared for any specific questions about the accomplishments mentioned.

4. Prepare for standard questions like – tell me about yourself (elevator pitch). Also, be prepared with relevant answers with examples for questions about your job like ‘tell me a time when you …. ‘.

5. Do background research about the organization; check their website and current news about them. No matter, what a great personality you might have, you have to know about the company you are interviewing at. Try and know about the person interviewing you by using LinkedIn. It can give you an understanding of the person’s background.

6. Be polite to everyone – at the parking lot, the receptionist and the office attendant. These things happen and they could ruin your chances.

7. Watch your Body Language – Sit straight and lean slightly to show interest; maintain eye contact with everyone in the room; extend a firm handshake with a smile; greet everyone and introduce yourself. Do not stare, fidget and do not nod too much. Practice in front of the mirror to correct any postural and other body language indicators to convey confidence.

8. Don’t bad-mouth your former employer – You will most likely be asked this question. Do not lie but don’t be super negative either. Figure out, how you could explain your move, or why you got fired. You could talk about what you learned from that stint, and how it means that this new job is a great fit.

9. Use appropriate language and do not sound cocky. If you do not understand a question, you could ask the interviewer to clarify. This also gives you time to think about a relevant answer.

10. Always thank everyone on the panel. It is also a nice gesture to send a thank you email to the hiring manager. It maintains recall, keeps you in their minds and shows your politeness.

Do not panic, prepare well in advance and you will ace your interview.