Employee Speak

“It’s been five fantastic years at Unison. Unison is open, friendly and progressive company which helps one grow both professionally and personally .True to its core purpose I find Unison believes in enabling people to rise and this is true for every employee. There is immense focus on empowering everybody through challenging assignments, higher responsibility .Unison acknowledges that employees are the driving force towards success of its business which is why they make sure that people are happy and contended in what they do and opportunities for development are endless.”

Niharika Mehndiratta

“Its been more than three years in the organisation & still when I get ready for my work I feel like walking for my first day at job. There is so much of learning, positive energy, sharing & caring from colleagues & bosses around here. In last few years with Unison I have seen lots of changes, be it in the nature of recruitment, or in the behavior of candidates. People value our words & takes us seriously & in return we also value our candidates time & belief they have on us. We in Unison are like a small family we share a great bonding, we play, we laugh, we smile together. We have small activities every week which keeps us engaged at our work with entertainment. There’s is a say “in order to have a healthy personal life you have to have a sound professional life”. I am proud to be a part of Unison International.”

Partho Mitra

“Unison has been the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. I remember the first day when I walked in for the interview, from the look and feel of it, i was excited already. On being offered, and subsequently working here, I realized how great the organization really is. Its more of a family to me, as when you have leaders like Manoj Sir and Udit Sir to who you can go for guidance pertaining to any topic-professional or personal. They would help you by all means, even if it takes them to go out of the way for it. They will teach you the tricks of the trade helping you perform better. On the job training and employee engagements programs have been superlative. If we have any reason to celebrate – we do. Movie Days, Birthday Parties in office, Birthday party outside office, new joints opening up nearby, even good weather – we celebrate it all. Going offsite to Goa was one of the most enjoyed event. But work comes first. With a long list of really huge and prestigious clients, we are given the responsibility of dealing with them directly.

Anubhav Jain

“Unison has made a Mentor out of me. I got the opportunity to coach fresh and young minds who has gone on to achieve greater things in due course of life. Service Delivery and timelines being of primary importance keeps all of us on our toes.”

Pranab Baruah

“Unison is one place which gives us a world of learning and growth opportunities and the platform to interact with and work for renowned National and International Brands. It grooms its human resource into more efficient and competitive professionals as well as provide them with lot of trainings and workshops which makes them better humans and keeps them updated with the changing trends and practices. It also gives us a lot of Flexibility, Respect, Recognition and appropriate Rewards for our efforts. One thing which makes it a wonderful place to work is the management’s concern towards employees’ problems, personal touch and the freedom where employees can walk-in and discuss their problems with the management.”

Garima Moitra

“Currently working with Unison where I am immensely satisfied.The work is very well recognized and commensurately rewarded also.Self respect is respected and views are seriously considered.Cohesive work culture and enough learning and growth opportunities are what make it special to be in Unison.”

Vandana Malhotra
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